Growing up on Dairy farm in the middle of Wisconsin taught Jason very early that being creative always beats being bored. He found a good friend in a VHS camcorder and started filming and editing his own stop-motion films to keep himself entertained. A dorky kid, a camera, some legos and no one to tell him how things “should” be done has given rise to a very successful career in the video production industry.

He is now a seasoned media professional with over 11 years experience in video editing, cinematography, color correction, motion graphics, encoding, production, audio, lighting and project management.

Jason went to college in Florida, got a job in Green Bay as a camera operator, then a job in Chicago working as an editor on some big time national brands such as EI, Microsoft, Amazon, Toyota, Allstate, Best Buy and Edelmann.

His passion for Cycling led him to create and collaborate on many video projects involving bicycles and other forms of physical activity. His reputation, body of work and eclectic background led to him being hand-picked to bring his outside-the-box skills and experience to the Physical Thread Media team.