Reinventing health and lifestyle content for the new age of Broadcast Television and Digital Media.

Centered around physical activity, Physical Thread sells video and digital media content direct to broadcast television and digital media companies.


January, 2017

  • Physical Thread Media contracted to become the physical activity content provider for The E.W. Scripps Company’s national television show, “The List.
  • The List” is an Emmy Award-winning show featuring everything trending in pop culture, lifestyle and social media in the form of a list.
  • The show is in its fifth season and is available in 45 markets across the country, eight in the Nielsen Top 20. 



All Scripps Television stations are the #1 or #2 ranked station in each market.


Physical Thread offers:

  • On-air broadcast, web, mobile and social-ready platform content.
  • Both “hard” and “soft news” formats.
  • Custom created content based on client determined topic, themes or needs.
  • Long-form, short-form, and social media formatted content and reports.
  • Catalogued, turn-key content ready for immediate release.
  • Custom partnership, barter and distribution opportunities.


  • In 2015-2016, there were 210 television markets in the U.S. with 833 news-producing stations taking in $18.6 billion in total over-the-air ad revenue.

  • Total online revenues increased 12% in 2015 to $900 million and by 2020 are expected to grow substantially to about $1.6 billion. As the industry further adapts to the digital age of news, this growth is expected to continue.

  • Broadcast television is still strong and there is vast opportunity to provide content that organizations need to stay relevant.

  • Physical Thread recognizes the need for specialized content that is consumer focused and presented far differently than current standards of practice.